Mountain Top Blue Mosaic In Ground Pool Liner

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Let Us Introduce You to Ultra-Seam

Say goodbye to standard vinyl liners and hello to Ultra-Seam! This new offering from Latham Pool Products not only provides a line-free appearance, it is stronger than the standard welded seams on liners. Ultra-Seam isn’t just a better liner, we consider it an entirely new category of liner. Currently, we are applying this technology on all floor and vertical wall close-seams.

The pool industry has not seen a revolutionary product since the early 90's when designer patterns were introduced (also a Latham innovation). We are proud to provide this patent-pending Latham exclusive seaming process to the industry.

Our Ultra-Seam liners are available both in solid colors and stylish patterns. Either way, your eye will struggle to pick out the virtually invisible seams. No more ugly floor seams detracting from the beauty of your pool!

The Great Backyard is the regional leader in vinyl inground replacement liners and new construction. We offer professional installation services, including professional measuring, advanced CAD services prior to construction, and guaranteed results. We stand behind our measurements and our work so you can experience a hassle-free liner replacement and a stress-free purchase and installation process. Because proper measurements require professional training to achieve, we do not recommend the do-it-yourself approach.

The Great Backyard has been professionally measuring and installing quality fitting and well-built liners since 1981. We offer great prices on liners, quality personal service, and superior results. Consequently, we do not sell inground liners to ship outside of our territory unless you send in professional measurements and have a local professional installation crew retained for the install. Browse our wide variety of patterns today, use our online form or call in and get a quick estimate on your options.

  • Plastimayd has an incredible record in accuracy
  • Plastimayd has an advanced in-house CAD department
  • Superior service an warranty coverage
  • Reliable manufacturing time
  • Long lasting liners
  • Vast liner selection
  • Beautiful Ultra-Seam technology