The Great Backyard Place offers an extensive selection of durable, weather resistant patio hanging furniture brands at affordable prices. All our Hanging Beds and Hammocks are American built with a hardy and durable design. We offer several different styles and themes from rustic to contemporary. Fill your deck or patio space with the superioir craftmanship always present in Great Backyard Place products.


The Great Backyard Place is very proud to carry Hatteras brand hammocks. Starting out in the 1960's Hatteras is a premiere manufacturer of hammocks. Based, right here in the USA you can rest assured that everything from the design to the materials is top quality. All hammocks are made with their patented DuraCord technology. DuraCord is a breakthrough weave that manages to be as soft as cotton while remaining as hardy and durable as a synthetic blend. Stop by our Chattanooga location today to try out a Hatteras Hammock in person and see what all the buzz is about!


The Great Backyard Place has a wide assortment of Swings for you to peruse and try out right here at our Chattanooga location. We carry all sorts tufted swings from Hatteras as well as several different stand alone swing options from G-Touch. No matter what you're looking for, inquire with our local sales reps and we'll make sure to get you exactly what you need.

Hanging Beds

The Great Backyard Place is provided their top quality hanging beds by a sister company based in Chattanooga, TN; The Hanging Bed Company. All hanging beds are made with strong designs and the best materials. All hanging beds are also customizeable. Everything from the size of the frame to the color of the fabric right down to the amount of pillows you can have is completely in yours hands. Customize it to have a perfect bed unique to you!