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Luxor Round Above Ground Pool Kit (Silver)

by Wilbar
Pool Size
48 months 0% Financing on above ground pools

Cool off this summer with the Luxor Round Above Ground Pool Kit (Silver)! Enjoy the day with hours of swimming, splashing, and play—all in the comfort of your own backyard! Make a splash with your kids and create long-lasting summer memories! Beat the heat and dive in!

18' x 54" Round
21' x 54" Round
24' x 54" Round
27' x 54" Round
30' x 54" Round

Professional Pool Installation Available in: 

The Luxor is a true innovation in above-ground pool construction that offers a stunning “luxurious” look with a contemporary flair. But this pool is not just about the looks, it is also a higher-end pool built to last the elements over the long run.

Structurally, the robust I-beam uprights offer sidewall support heads and tails above traditional steel pool design. The top seats have a vibrant wood grain paint coating that creates a vivid contrast with the pearlescent uprights and wall, but they are also double rolled at the ends with shorter runs providing greater structural rigidity. Like the Wedgewood, these uprights sit in resin boots shielding them from soil contact, and, like the Wedgewood, the Luxor boasts of a marine-grade stainless steel service panel.

With a lifetime warranty, superior coatings, innovative structural design, and stunning looks, the Luxor is much more than just a pretty coat of paint.  

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Above Ground Top Rail with Luxurious Wood Grain Finish

Luxurious Wood Grain Finish

"Rounded Two-Piece Top Caps Are Attractive And Resistant To Corrosion"

Rounded Two-Piece Top Caps Are Attractive And Resistant To Corrosion

"Resin-Coated Steel Bottom Track To Shield The Pool Wall From Harmful Soil Contact"

Resin-Coated Steel Bottom Track To Shield The Pool Wall From Harmful Soil Contact

"Rust-Proof, Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Service Panel"

Rust-Proof, Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Service Panel

"Kid Swimming Underwater"
  • 54" Wall Height Offers 50" Water Depth 8" Steel Top Rail Is Double Rolled For Extra Strength
  • Steel I-Beam Three Pc. Uprights Are The Strongest Posts On The Market Complete With
  • Texturekote And A True Resin Boot
  • Rust-Proof, Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Service Panel
  • Stylish Design Coupled With Advanced Coating Protection Set This Luxury Pool Apart
  • Heavy-Duty Interlocking Stabilizer Bar For Added Strength
  • Precisely Crafted Locking System Strengthens Pool Significantly
  • Hard Plumbing With Valves And Union Disconnects
  • P25 Liner With 25-Year Pro-Rated Warranty
Pool Warranty Wall Height Service Panel Bottom Track Top Rail Top Material Boot Liner Filter Entry
Reprieve 30-year Pro-Rated 52" N/A Coated Galvanized 6" Steel No P20 Sand A-Frame Ladder
Heritage STS 40-year Pro-Rated 52" Tear-away Coated Galvanized 7" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder
Grey Avalon 40-year Pro-Rated 52" Tear-away Resin 7" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder
Luxor Lifetime Pro-Rated 54" Stainless Resin-Coated Steel 8" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder
Wedgewood Lifetime Pro-Rated 54" Stainless Resin 9" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder
  Pacific Diamond 54" Uni Bead Above Ground Pool Liner   Pacific Diamond 54" Uni Bead Above Ground Pool Liner

P25 Pacific Diamond Unibead Liner

All of our pools are packaged with a P25 liner. On some websites, they use the term Gauge (which is inappropriately used) or Mil (which is entirely inaccurate in most cases). So, for the sake of comparison, we use what they call a 25-gauge liner on every pool. The uni-bead Pacific Diamond allows you to choose either a J-hook application or a beaded install for easy replacement down the road.

Wide Mouth Skimmer

Wide-Mouth Skimmer

The wider the skimmer opening, the better performance you will get – i.e., the cleaner circulation will be able to keep your pool. We equip ALL of our pools with a wide-mouth skimmer. Double the width of a standard aboveground skimmer, you are pulling in double the surface area, removing more debris from the water before it sinks to the bottom.

Sand Filter Combo System

Sand Filter Combo System

Sand is not the most efficient system, but for our region, with heavy tree cover and brisk winds, we have found it is the simplest and easiest to use and maintain. Your combo system comes complete with the filter, a 6 position multi-port valve, and a high-performance one-speed pump.

Step/Ladder Above Ground Pool Entry System

Step/Ladder Entry System

The Fiesta step combo from Innovaplas is a superb entry system that can easily convert to a deck mount step when you are ready. The roto-molded step requires little assembly and supports up to 400 lbs. The system comes complete with an outside safety ladder for getting up to the step until and if you add a deck to your pool. The safety ladder can be locked out of position to prevent children from climbing into the pool unsupervised.

vacuum hose

Vacuum Hose

  • 1.25 Blow-molded hose with swivel cuffs provide manual vacuum backup suction for those that do not opt for the popular automated robotic cleaners.
Telescopic Pole

Telescopic Pole

Our aluminum poles scope from 8’ to 16’ with an easy locking cam.

above ground pool maintenance kit

Maintenance Kit

  • Test Kit
  • Vac Head
  • Skim Net
  • Thermometer
Hard Plumb Kit For Above Ground Pool

Hard Plumb Kit

We offer a significant upgrade for peace of mind on every pool Heritage to Wedgewood – a hard plumb kit with valves and unions. The valves allow you to cut off water flow when maintenance is required such as cleaning the strainer pot. The unions allow you to easily disconnect your pump and take it in for the winter. The flex PVC and PVC fittings prevent random and frequent leaks that occur in blow-molded filter hoses.



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