Heritage Round Above Ground Pool Kit (WorkFree)

by Wilbar
Pool Size

*Price Does Not Include Installation

    Professional Pool Installation Available in: 
    Asheville, NC
    Chattanooga, TN
    Cleveland, TN
    Knoxville, TN
    Maryville, TN

    Rounded Two-Piece Top Caps Are Attractive And Resistant To Corrosion

    Steel Uprights Treated With Texture-Kote, Complete With Sleek Resin Boot

    Tear-Away Service Panel To Protect The Life Of The Wall At The Most Vulnerable Point

    Tear-Away Service Panel To Protect The Life Of The Wall At The Most Vulnerable Point

    "Kid Swimming Underwater"
    • 52" Wall Height Offers 50" Water Depth
    • 7-Inch Attractively Rolled Protected Steel Top Seats
    • Sahara Wall Corrugated For Strength And Coated With Duratex Anti-Corrosion Paint
    • Full Line Of Strong Buttress Support Ovals Available
    • 40-Year Pro-Rated Warranty On The Pool, 25 Years On The Liner
    • Hard Plumbing With Valves And Union Disconnects
    • High-Efficiency Two-Speed Pump P25
    • Full Print Overlap Liner
    Pool Warranty Wall Height Service Panel Bottom Track Top Rail Top Material Boot Liner Filter Entry
    Reprieve 30-year Pro-Rated 52" N/A Coated Galvanized 6" Steel No P20 Sand A-Frame Ladder
    Heritage STS 40-year Pro-Rated 52" Tear-away Coated Galvanized 7" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder
    Grey Avalon 40-year Pro-Rated 52" Tear-away Resin 7" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder
    Luxor Lifetime Pro-Rated 54" Stainless Resin-Coated Steel 8" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder
    Cypress Lifetime 100% 54" Stainless Resin 9" Steel Yes P25 Sand Fiesta Step/Ladder

    Each WorkFree pool comes standard with All silver kit equipment as well as these innovative products to make ownership more “work-free”.

    Swimming pools offer wonderful benefits for each family that owns one. Play, exercise, fun for the whole family. But a pool can cause extra work. That’s why we’re offering the exclusive WorkFree Pool Package, complete with an algae-free guarantee for in-ground AND above-ground pools! For just a few dollars more up front, you can save hours of maintenance time and increase your enjoyment of the family pool. Spend more time having fun with your family – only through WorkFree from The Great Backyard.


    "Mineral Water: Frog Leap System"

    Mineral Water: Leap System

    • Clean and clear mineral water
    • The most effective and affordable chemical treatment alternative
    • Reduces chlorine use up to 75%
    • 10-year warranty on the vessel, simple design, durable and lasting
    • One mineral cartridge lasts a full swim season!
    • No handling of chemicals
    • In-line, automated dispensing of water treatment
    • Algae-free guarantee with purchase of 2 BAM applications annually
    • System comes with vessel, mineral cartridge, Torpedo Pac, and 1 FREE BAM
    • Over 15 years of proven performance in delivering clear water naturally
    "Active 10 Dolphin Robotic Cleaner by Maytronics"

    Active 10 Robotic Cleaner

    • Plug and play cleaner offers ultimate hands-free cleaning
    • "Intelligent" robot cleans entire pool bottom in roughly 1.5 -3 hours
    • Scrub brush spins quickly to brush surface
    • Easy-clean top access debris basket
    • Incredibly efficient: cleaning pool for less than 15 cents per clean
    • Runs independent of pool system and filter
    • Quick-drain feature makes it light and easy to remove from pool
    • More reliable and efficient than suction-side or pressure-side cleaners
    "Crystal Clear Supreme"

    Crystal Clear Supreme

    • Maintains stable PH, reducing the cost and time needed to maintain perfect water
    • Enhances the performance of sanitizers, extending their life significantly
    • Water conditioner makes the water silky and inviting to the skin and the eyes
    • Adds sparkle and clarity to the pool
    • Ultimate algae insurance: sequesters carbon needed for algae to "breath"
    • Single application will last an entire season, with only an annual top-up needed
    "Annual Supply of Cover Free"

    Annual Supply of Cover Free

    • Reduces evaporation up to 85%, conserves water treatment and water
    • Reduces heat loss up to 70%
    • PH neutral, advance mono-layer technology
    • Reduces cost of ownership meaningfully, saves valuable resources
    "Platinum skimmer Faceplate light"

    Platinum Skimmer Faceplate Light

    • Brightest LED light for above ground pools on the market
    • No power cord in the pool, can be used with all steel-wall pools
    • Does not affect the return or skimmer performance
    • Adds essential nighttime security by illuminating the entire body of water
    • LEDs last over 10 times longer than halogen and use 1/10th the power
    "Solana Blue Float"

    Solana Blue Float

    • Can be used in salt water and chlorine pools
    • Made from Aqua Cell foam that will not absorb water
    • Supports adults up to 250 lbs.
    • Color-fusion permeates the entire float with rich color, not just the surface
    "Supreme Winter Cover"

    Supreme Winter Cover

    • 2-year full, 15-year pro-rated warranty
    • Comes with grommets, cable, and winch for tightening cover around the pool
    • 12 scrim-reinforced cover lasts longer than standard options
    • Silver surface reflects light and heat, helping to keep water cooler



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