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Turn a Small Space Into an Outdoor Oasis With the Right Patio Furniture - Great Backyard Place

Turn a Small Space Into an Outdoor Oasis With the Right Patio Furniture

While you may dream of having an outdoor space with tons of room, you can make the most of a small space. The right patio furniture and some strategic design can upscale (and upsize) your patio.

You’ve probably heard the phrase before: “A small space doesn’t have to feel small.” This phrase is used in relation to all types of spaces, from laundry rooms to bathrooms and even patios. 

It’s used so often because it’s true. While you may be constrained with a certain space—or walls or a fence or a property line—the potential for the space is only limited by your imagination!

No matter how big your patio or outside space is, you can turn it into a haven for relaxation. Read on as The Great Backyard Place team offers some suggestions. 

Plan First, Then Make Moves 
If you’ve ever moved everything around in a room trying to find the perfect design, you know that’s kind-of a pain. In the end, you probably ended up moving things around multiple times before landing on the right fit.

Save yourself the headache by thoughtfully considering the space you have and how you could use it. Measure your patio or even the backyard to determine what you’re working with. Then determine the components you’d like to have to make you feel like you’re in the lap of luxury. 

From there, sketch out a rough drawing of where everything might go in an ideal setup. Use a pencil and erase as needed to reconfigure the layout. We promise—that’s a much better strategy than moving things multiple times!

Choose New Pieces of Patio Furniture to Enhance What You Have 
Already have patio furniture? What about other outdoor essentials like a grill, a fire pit, or even a hot tub? Determine what you want to keep and what you’re ready to let go of. 

Once you’ve nailed down your “keeps,” you can visualize how much space you’ll have left. What you choose next shouldn’t necessarily fill the space—it should make the most of the space. Leaving some space empty isn’t just recommended; it’s essential. 

Choose new pieces strategically. Look for shorter pieces of furniture that you can place along the walls or edges of your patio, such as an ottoman or a low-slung coffee table

Putting those pieces along the edges of the space will make the interior of the patio seem roomier. Rule of thumb: When the floor is visible, the room looks bigger. 

Highlight an “Accent” Piece of Patio Furniture 
Have something you just love that you want on your patio? Or know of something you want to purchase for your outdoor space?

Even if your space is small, you can choose a special piece—make that piece the highlight of your space. If you want a fire pit or a reading nook with a cozy sofa, design your space around it.

Having a focal point can help you create a space you’ll love, no matter how big or small the space actually is.

Barclay Chaise Lounge by Castelle

Add Some Greenery 
The right plants can help you frame your space in a way that makes it feel like a true oasis.

There are a few ways you can make the patio or backyard feel larger—with tall, thin trees that grow up instead of out, a climbing garden, hanging flower baskets, or flower pots mounted on the walls. Just make sure you’re choosing plants that won’t become overly bulky as they grow, encroaching on your precious space!

Consider Layers for the Patio Furniture 
This won’t be possible in every outdoor space, but when you can, incorporating multiple levels of design can make a small space feel bigger.

That can be as simple as creating an elevated platform for your sofa or dining table or a little more complicated, such as putting your fire pit down a level in a “conversation pit.”

Choose Colors Strategically 
When you’re selecting fabrics and textures and paint color for your outdoor space, choose colors that work well together. 

Monochromatic colors—meaning colors within the same family—can help make your patio feel bigger, even when it is physically small. Cool colors and light warm colors can also serve the same purpose.

A small patio doesn’t have to feel small. Let the team at The Great Backyard Place help you turn your space into an oasis with the perfect patio furniture.

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