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Pool Cleaning Robots

Pool Cleaning Robots


Have you ever considered using a pool cleaning robot instead of manually vacuuming your swimming pool? The technology has really advanced in the last 5 years. Contemporary pool robots are effective in removing debris and algae from your pool's floor, walls, and waterline. That's right, these creep crawly robotic pool cleaners can climb your pool walls, up and down! If you're considering a robotic pool cleaner this year or if you have never tried a pool robot, this article is for you!

Manually vacuuming a swimming pool

Many of us have been manually vacuuming our swimming pools for years. Manual vacuuming is effective and provides a wonderful feeling of instant gratification. But, let's face it, manually vacuuming your pool takes time. If efficiency is an important part of your lifestyle, it just may be time to think seriously about purchasing a robotic swimming pool vacuum cleaner. 

You may be thinking, aren't pool robots expensive? Or, are pool robots really worth it? Let's first examine the cost and value of a pool robot. A pool robot is an expensive pool tool. But, can this expense be justified by the value it provides? Let's examine the cost. It is possible to find cheap pool robots manufactured overseas but they are poorly made, are not sold with warranties, and impossible to have repaired locally. I would not invest in one of these robots because the value simply is not there. 

We have partnered with Maytronics, the only manufacturer of certified Dolphin Premier robotic cleaners. Believe it or not, Maytronics and been developing robotic pool cleaners since 1983. Over the past 40 years they have become the uncontested leaders in robotic pool technology. At the Great Backyard, we proudly carry Dolphin's Liberty, Active, and Explorer vacuum lines. Let's take a closer look at these great time-saving swimming pool tools.

When you begin shopping for the perfect pool robot, the most important thing to consider is the size of your pool. If you are purchasing a robot for a large commercial swimming pool, like a gym or YMCA pool, please consider the Dolphin Wave series. However, if you are shopping for a recreational pool robot, you will need to know the size of your pool in gallons. Dolphin builds a robotic vacuum for pools of all sizes, in-ground and above ground. 

You will also need to consider you preferred shopping and purchase method. Some Dolphin robots are sold exclusively online while others are sold in old fashion brick and mortar stores. Let's dive into some of the details on our best selling pool robots. 

Dolphin E10 Robotic Vacuum - $499

Dolphin E10 Pool Robot

The Dolphin E10 is a very affordable pool robot designed for cleaning above ground swimming pools. The Dolphin E10 is small, compact, and powerful. This robot is designed for powerful scrubbing and performance filtration. Your pool will be spotless after every robotic cleaning session Here are the E10's specifications:

  • Maximum pool length - 30 feet
  • Vacuum coverage - pool floor 
  • Cleaning cycle duration - 1.5 hours
  • Vacuum filter type - fine filter kit
  • Cable length - 40 feet
  • Robot weight - 14.6 lbs
  • Active brush technology
  • Suction rate - 4000.0 gallons per hour (gph) 

 Dolphin E20 Robotic Vacuum - $599

Dolphin E20 Pool Robot

The Dolphin E20 is engineered for small to mid-size in-ground swimming pools. The explorer is bigger than the E10 but it's still small and compact. The E20 includes creepy crawly wall cleaning technology. This means you can say goodbye to both vacuuming and brushing your pool walls. Here are the E20's specifications:

  • Cleaning coverage - walls and floors
  • Simple access top loading filter
  • Active brush technology 
  • Maximum pool length - 33 feet
  • Cleaning cycle length - 2 hours
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Weekly timer
  • Filter type - fine filter kit
  • Automation mode
  • Cable length - 50 feet
  • Weight - 14.6 lbs
  • Suction rate - 4000 gph

Dolphin E30 Robotic Vacuum - $999

Dolphin E30 Pool Robot

The E30 pool vacuum will absolutely revolutionize your pool cleaning routine. This is the pool robot for tech lovers! The Dolphin E30 now comes with wi-fi. That's right, you can schedule and control your pool cleaning remotely. Connect to your Dolphin from anywhere with the MyDolphin app. Get the impeccable clean you love from anywhere at any time.   Here are the E30's specifications:

  • Cleaning coverage - floors, walls, and waterline
  • Plug and play
  • Energy saving mode
  • Simple access top-loading filter
  • Maximum pool length - 50 feet
  • Cleaning cycle time - 2 hours
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Anti-tangling swivel
  • Automation mode
  • Cable length - 60 feet
  • Weight - 18.4 lbs
  • Suction rate - 4000 gps

That's the rundown of our three best selling swimming pool robots. Although purchasing a pool robot  is an investment, they are also time saving pool tools. Just think about a summer without vacuuming your pool floor and brushing your pool walls. A pool cleaning robot can give you back hundreds of hours this summer to enjoy swimming and lounging with friends and family. Plus, enjoy the security of a 2 year warranty. Partner with The Great Backyard and Dolphin this summer and love your life even more! 

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