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Considering An Above Ground Pool In 2024?

Considering An Above Ground Pool In 2024?

If you are considering buying an above-ground pool this year, you have probably already thought about the many great reasons for this purchase. But, just in case, here are a few reminders - a place for family to gather, kids can learn to swim, it's like a vacation all summer, you can create some fantastic memories, swimming is great exercise, floating in the sun, and on and on. 
Although there are at least a million reasons to get a backyard pool, there are also some important things to think about. For example, are there any hidden costs, do I have a good spot for a pool, does someone in the household have time in the summer to routinely care for the pool, do I have the time (and skill) to install the pool, if not how much does that cost? So, you understand there are a lot of things to consider during the planning phase. 
This article will get you started thinking in more detail about the project. Hopefully it might even prevent you from encountering issues long before they happen. Let's dive in!

The Above Ground Pool Vision

beautiful above ground pool

There are wonderful things about owning an above ground pool. They fit into small and unique spaces, they are cost effective, and they are relatively simple to care for. But, have you taken these thoughts to the next level? What does your above ground pool vision look like? 

There are so many fun details to include in your pool vision. It could include a wrap around deck, perfect for lounging and grilling. Maybe the pool and the patio space become one. Does your vision include lush landscaping? Have you planned for a nice shady place near the pool to retreat to on hot afternoons. What about lights and sound?

During the planning phase it's important to understand you final product vision. Brainstorm with your family members and list the pool attributes everyone would like to include. Hone that list until you have a clear vision of you space with your ne pool. 

The Best Space for an Above Ground Pool

The best way to discuss the best place for an above ground pool is to first discuss the worst places for above ground pools. Avoid sloping areas, power lines, areas that retain water after rain, and areas of heavy shade and debris fall. Go ahead and eliminate those spaces so we can get back to the pool vision. 

Accessibility to the Pool

Think about accessibility and the people who will regularly use the pool. All of those people should be able to access the pool and poolside areas like decking easily. Understanding the accessibility needs of this group will help you design the space. 

Location of the Pool

above ground pool

Where in your yard would you like the pool to be? A backyard location is ideal as it will provide the most privacy. But, it is definitely possible to work a beautiful above ground pool into a side or front yard. 

Proximity to your house is another thing to consider. Quick access is important. You will find that trips to and from the house will be frequent. Bathroom and snack breaks are common. Also, if you do set up a grilling station around your pool is should be somewhat close to the kitchen. You will be bringing food and supplies in and out of the house every time you host a get together. 

Last but not least, select a flat location. You will likely do some leveling before the pool goes in but that process will be easiest in the flattest spot you have available. Depending on your space, you might want to consider a semi in-ground pool sometimes called a ground above ground pool. Ground above ground pools can be beautiful but the cost will go up due to the excavation required.

Finding the Right Above Ground Pool

Now that you have considered your the location of your pool and you have a clear vision of the space and pool, it's time to shop! Picking out the size, shape, and options is the fun part. Now you vision starts to take shape. 

Size and Shape of Your Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are made in a variety of sizes and shapes. Of course, your location will need to be taken into consideration. Above ground pools are made in many different shapes including circular, oval, kidney, and rectangular. You can also custom order a pool with an unconventional shape. 

The size of your pool will depend on your budget and your location. Above ground pools range in size from around 1,500 gallons to 12,000 gallons although you may find a rare pool size as big as 30,000 gallons. Think about how you family and friends will use the pool. How many people will be swimming together and how frequently?

Above Ground Pool Ad-ons

above ground pool fountain

There are so many ways you can enhance your above ground pool. Ad-ons include things like fountains, lights, steps, ladders, decking, landscaping, toys, pool furniture, and much more. These additions will enhance the beauty and enjoyment of the pool. 

Start with the things you will need to keep friends and family safe and happy. For instance if a swimmer has mobility issues, stairs into and out of the pool will be an important ad-on. Don't worry, you won't be able to think of everything at once. Developing your pool's environment will take place over time. 

Above Ground Pool Installation

Installing an above ground pool

It is important to explore installation options. You will need to do some local research to determine what services are available in your area. Preparing the space, building the pool, and setting up the machinery is a big task. It is possible to do yourself if your handy but hiring professionals for the job is a better way to go. This will give you peace of mind and any damage during the process will be corrected by the installation team. We always recommend hiring a team for this step. 

Understanding Your Above Ground Pool

At first, taking care of your pool may seem like a lot. But, you will master the process over time. It is important to understand how your pool works. Think about your pump, filter, plumbing, and water chemistry. Understanding these pieces will help you troubleshoot issues as they surface. 

swimming pool machinery

Getting familiar with all the working parts of your pool will prevent frustrations in the future. Your installation team should bring you up to speed with basic maintenance and care once your pool is set up. And, they should be available to answer questions as they come up. Don't worry, you won't need them very long. In fact you'll probably be an expert after a season or two.

Taking care of a pool is like tending to a Zen garden. It takes attention and practice. Test your water, skim your leaves, and brush your walls regularly. Most difficult problems happen slowly over time if a pool is neglected. It is rare that your pool will go from perfect to green and cloudy overnight. You will be able to spot issues before they become serious over time. Remember, if you take care of your pool it will provide fun and enjoyment for years.

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