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What Is a Pool Pillow

What Is a Pool Pillow

During the hot summer months an above-ground pool is a source of family fun and a great source of relief from the heat. To keep this fun alive year after year, it is important close your pool properly for the winter. A pool pillow is an important of the winter pool closing ritual. 

What Is a Pool Pillow

A pool pillow is not designed for lounging and napping in your above ground pool. But, a pool pillow can minimize your pool closing anxiety and save your pool walls in the event of very cold weather. 

A pool pillow is a vinyl pillow you can inflate with air. It's about the same size as an oversized bed pillow, although they are sold in many sizes and shapes. Using a pool pillow is a simple way to prevent your pool water from expanding outward as it freezes. Outward expansion puts pressure on the walls of your pool that can destroy your pool and your summer fun!

How Is a Pool Pillow Used

pool pillow

A pool pillow is a simple but ingenious pool tool. It is used during the closing of above ground pools for winter. The pillow needs to be completely inflated. Most pool pillows can be inflated by mouth. Once the pillow is at 75% capacity, it is placed on the surface of the water in the center of the swimming pool just before the pool cover is fixed in place. We only fill the pillow to 75% capacity so it will be able to compress under the weight of the cover without popping. 

How Does a Pool Pillow Work

covered pool in winter

When you place a pool pillow between the water and the secured pool cover as part of your winter preparation, an empty space is created. As snow and ice accumulate on the top of your covered pool, the weight exerts pressure on the water. As the pool water freezes, the ice will expand upward toward the void created by the pillow in the middle of the pool.

Without the pillow in place and the void created, the pool water would expand outwardly exerting slow building pressure on your pool's walls and liner. This outward expansion can completely break the walls of your pool apart and split your liner. 

Steps for Adding a Pool Pillow During Winter Closing

  1. Inflate the pool pillow to 75% capacity
  2. Locate the grommets on the edges of your pool pillow
  3. Tie a strong cord through the grommets opposite one another 
  4. Tie the other end(s) of the cord to the pool wall at points opposite each other. The rig should be set so that the pillow floats securely close to the center of the pool.
  5. Secure the pool cover in place on top of the pool pillow
  6. Rest easy knowing you probably just save your pool and you don't have to worry about it freezing and demolishing your walls and liner

The Pool Pillow Wrap Up

above ground pool

A pool pillow is a very simple but important part of winterizing your above ground pool. Pool pillows are not expensive but forgetting to add your pillow could be. The presence of the pillow and the void it creates causes the inward and upward expansion of the pool water as it freezes. This saves your liner and pool walls from damage from outward expansion pressure. 

Before you close your pool make sure and pick up a pool pillow at the Great Backyard and save yourself a lot of worry and heartbreak. You'll be glad you did. 

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