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Lifestyle Grill options for Memorial Day - Great Backyard Place

Lifestyle Grill options for Memorial Day

May 31st, 2021 is coming up and Spring will be in full swing and your backyard has been dormant during the winter when it comes to having family and friends enjoying your company. Your Grill might need sprucing up or even upgrading. Memorial Day is a great way to spend time with the ones you love and appreciate their company – doing this over a meal, a few drinks, and a relaxing environment. So, what are your Grill options today?


Your Outdoor Kitchen and your Grill placement

When cooking outdoors some feel limited by the Kitchen functionality and logistics as the refrigerator, sink, counter space is all inside your home. For fresh drinks ice and a cooler work well for most, but your guests are not here for a Chef Episode – they are here for you, your family, and friends, and your Grill is the center of the activity. Ideally, you want to be part of the mingling all the while not smoking out your guests with your Grill. Looking at the placement of your Grill where the prevailing winds will take the smoke away from your patio or deck, with your Grill on the side downwind. Food preparation or staging either on the side of the grill or on an island opposite of besides the Grill makes it handy to reach and get cooking. If your outdoor kitchen feels organized, with the Grill placement ideal, then your inviting outdoor space should be ready for Memorial Day 2021.

man preparing a burger taco on the side burner of a grill 

Checking on your Grill

For most of the BBQ Owners that have outdoor grilling as a lifestyle habit, the Grill is usually kept under a cover or shielded from direct weather – however, moisture is the enemy of the components of your Grill. Checking for its functionality on the burners, the burner valves, gas supply regulators, and burners should be verified for the Spring season – if it all operates well, it delivers the heat you are used to seeing then you are ready for Memorial Day.


Upgrading your Grill

If you are in the mood to change it up a bit, feeling it needs an upgrade, requires additional Grill area, more heat (BTU’s), side burners, or just needs replacing as the old faithful Grill – in today’s Grill market there are a lot of options. Take the Blaze 3-burner all Stainless Steel Grill for example - it can be sitting in its own Stainless Steel Cart, or the Grill can be installed into its own island. You also have the option to extend the functionality of your grill with built in side burners like the Saber 3-burner Grill . Depending on your Outdoor Kitchen layout, your Grill is the focal point of your entertainment space as you are both the Chef and chief entertainer.

 Outdoor Kitchen with Blaze grills, side burners and refridgerator

Grill accessories and utilities

While having the right utensils is important, what’s just as critical is your lighting and the dishing-out environment when you are grilling (Grill Light). Grilling in the dark is hard to manage. Some resort to headlights, which is fine for the Chef, but could be blinding for your guests. Some camping lights might be adequate, or even a torch – however, you might want to get a more suitable lighting solution if you are a frequent cook. When it comes to utility, having condiments and spices handy all the while serving trays and cutlery ready can be cumbersome at the moment of serving your guests. Getting organized with your Grill for Memorial Day will make your experience that much better.

At The Great Backyard, we have outdoor specialists and Grill experts. We’d love to share our expertise as you determine what your Memorial Day planning unfolds, and help you get ready for the event. After all, what’s more fun than peace of mind? Just come on in or give us a call today for free advice.

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