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How To Choose The Perfect Pool Liner In 4 Easy Steps - Great Backyard Place

How To Choose The Perfect Pool Liner In 4 Easy Steps

You need a new pool liner. Maybe you're bored with the one you have now. Maybe it's worn out and faded. Or perhaps you're buying a new pool, and trying to learn all you can about how to choose the perfect pool liner.

It can be a difficult decision. And it's one of the most important choices you can make for your pool. You need a liner with stunning looks, superb durability, and a great fit.

Here's how to choose the perfect pool liner in 4 easy steps.


Tile or no? That's the first question you have to answer.

The pool liner's tile pattern can nicely accent your pool. But you might find that it takes away from the look you want. Your personal taste is all that matters – there's no right or wrong decision here.

You can also choose a liner with the tile section removed. You'll have a plain, dark strip of liner between the waterline and the edge of your deck. In the right situation, that plain look can be stunning. Just as eyeliner sets off a beautiful eye, the tile-free look can set off the pool from your back yard.

So, let's say you want the tile option. It'll look great – now you just need to choose. And there are a lot of options. Colorful patterns range from deep blues to lighter earth tones.

The first thing your guests will notice is the tile. It's the only part of your pool liner that's above the waterline. Unless you're highly confident in your memory, take samples to your yard to see how they could look in context.

Choose a tile pattern that compliments your whole property. You're looking for aesthetic cohesion.


Isn't water clear?

Well, yes. But it won't look that way in your pool. The color of your pool liner will tremendously affect the water color. And that's an important design factor.

Here are some color palettes to consider – and how they'll change the water color.

* Rich blue patterns are the darkest, heartiest blues. If you want sapphire-blue water (like those pictures on, you'll probably end up here. It's a very popular color range.

* Bright blues have the most sparkle – with a touch of luxury. They'll give your water a dynamic tropical resort look.

* Light blue pool liners glisten with invitation. If you prefer to clearly see the pool floor – yet retain a definite blue water color – you may consider a light blue liner.

* Aqua patterns are sandy colored but they create a beautiful turquoise or cyan blue water color. The color brings Caribbean island water to mind.


You might like the contrast between white stairs and darker pool liner. Or, you might wish the stairs didn't stand out so much. Think about how you want your pool to look as a whole.

You have the option of having your stairs covered with the pool liner. If you want a unified look, this is the way to go.


Pool liner thickness isn't as important as other factors. Material quality (you're looking for North American virgin vinyl) matters. And the fit of the liner is extremely important for longevity.

Your pool liner probably won’t fail because it's too thin. Instead, chemical damage and UV exposure could contribute to increased wear. Thickness won't keep those from occurring.

A 20mil liner of virgin vinyl and proper fit will outlast any other liner – no matter how thick it is. So focus your energy on choosing a pattern that you'll be happy with for many years.


Now you know how to choose the perfect swimming pool liner. It's time to refresh your pool! Head on over to The Great Backyard for everything you need.

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