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How Saunas Make You Healthy In The Winter - Great Backyard Place

How Saunas Make You Healthy In The Winter

Winter is cold and flu season. It’s hard to stay healthy during the winter time. Icy weather make Netflix or a good book much more attractive than going for a run. And we tend to eat a lot of sugar over the holidays, further weakening our immune systems.

Recent research actually shows a link between cold air and sickness. And if you tend to come under extra stress over the holiday season, your health is further compromised.

We're bound to get sick this winter, right?

Actually, we're not without defense. Research has also shown how sauna makes you healthy in the winter. The evidence suggests that regular sauna bathing dramatically cuts down on the occurrence of both colds and flu.


Traditional and infrared sauna use carries many excellent health benefits [link to "3 Reasons Why You Need to Sauna in the Winter" article], such as:


When you're sick, fever serves to kill off the virus that's making you ill. Just like the concept of "letting a fever burn itself out," sauna heat cranks up your body's internal temperature for a short time. That makes your natural healing process kick in.

This simulated fever pushes your immune system to create more white blood cells and antibodies to fight the good fight. Because your system is flooded with more of those "soldiers," viruses and bacteria have a harder time gaining a foothold.


During your sauna session, your veins grow in diameter and your heart rate increases to quickly pump cooling blood throughout your body. That's a calorie-burning internal mini-workout.

Sauna can't take the place of regular exercise. But it certainly is an effective addition. It's how sauna makes you healthy even as you sit still.


How do you spell relief? S-a-u-n-a.

As thoroughly relaxing as sauna is, it can help to relieve stress – both physical and mental. You'll find that your aches and pains are less prominent after a sauna session. And you may even gain a greater sense of peace through the release of endorphins as you sit in the healing heat.

Sweet dreams! Deep, refreshing sleep can be one of the most rewarding effects of regular sauna use.


Now you know why you feel so good after your sauna sessions. To learn more about how sauna makes you healthy (in winter and summer alike), come on in to The Great Backyard. We'd love to help you find the sauna that's best for your home and lifestyle.

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