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3 Simple Tips For Easy Fall Pool Maintenance - Great Backyard Place

3 Simple Tips For Easy Fall Pool Maintenance

Fall is just around the corner. And at the end of the swim season, it's time to think about fall pool maintenance. We're looking forward to the cooler weather, and that means small changes to your pool care routine.

Take advantage of the warm days to care for your pool until swim season is truly over. If you have a heated pool, you might be a year-round swimmer. But most of us will need these tips for fall pool maintenance.



During the summer, your pool water evaporates more quickly – so you need more chemicals. A greater swimmer load and more frequent use also lead to an increased need for chemicals. Fall is a different story.

When the temperature starts dropping and you're not in the pool as often, you can use less chemicals. Checking your pool chemistry one time each week during autumn should be enough to maintain the right pH balance.


Autumn leaves are beautiful – and messy. When they start to fall, they'll end up in your pool. 100% Guaranteed.

Make sure to skim daily to take out leaves and debris. If you stay on top of it, you'll be glad you did. Dead leaves can stain the liner, affect water chemistry, and get in the way when you're swimming.


Reduced pool use means a lessened need to pump and filter the water. You should be able to drop your pump time to between 4 and 8 hours daily, depending on how often you use the pool.


Once you're done swimming for the year, make sure to close your pool the right way. You can do it yourself or ask a professional pool specialist to do it for you. Either way works, but one is more convenient and provides more peace of mind. And in the spring, all will be prepared for you to open the pool up again.

Questions about fall pool maintenance? Want to know if you're using enough chemicals? Give us a call or come on in to The Great Backyard for professional pool help.

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