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3 More Reason Why Saunas Make You Feel Great

There's nothing like a sauna. It's got something wholesome about it, like you're doing what you were meant to do. Sitting, thinking, resting, sweating, and then cooling down – refreshed. Ask anyone who regularly sauna bathes why saunas make you feel great. They'll be full of reasons.

But what makes it so good for you? What would prompt you to get a sauna of your own? To follow up our previous post, here are 3 more reasons saunas make you feel like a million bucks.



What does your body use to fight infection? White blood cells. Now, take a wild guess at what a sauna does. That's right – the heat and steam prompts your body to produce white blood cells at a faster pace. When you use a sauna regularly, this benefit creates a much stronger immunity, and you stay healthier.

And if you do get sick? Not only do you heal faster, but getting in the sauna can also help relieve your symptoms of congestion and headache.


When you're in the sauna, your heart rate rises. It's a natural response to increased heat. Blood vessels near the surface of your skin dilate to cool it down, and your heart works harder to fill them. That's a good thing! In effect, you're training your heart and helping your body regulate itself.

Now, if you take your time in the sauna, with multiple sessions broken up by cooling periods (in the shower, jumping in a cold pool, etc.), the benefit is even greater. Every time you change temperature, your heart responds like you're exercising. And that's how you get a healthy heart.


Ah, those feel-good endorphins. Sauna bathing releases them. Now, combine that with your elevated body temperature. If you work up a nice sweat before bedtime, your temperature naturally falls as you're getting ready for bed. And with that drop in your core temperature comes a drop in endorphins. That's the science.

Now, here's the experience. Remember the nice, cozy, stress-free feeling you had last time you got out of the sauna? Imagine getting in bed with that feeling still intact. Think you'd fall asleep quickly – and get a better rest? You'd be right.

These are just 3 of the reasons saunas make you healthier. To read more, feel free to check out our first 3 reasons. We think everyone can enjoy the positive aspects of saunas. And, if you have any questions, please come on in to The Great Backyard – we'd love to help.

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