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Eco One Outdoor Water Hose Filter

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The EcoOne Hose Filter easily connects to either end of any garden hose and can purify up to 40,000 gallons of water. This filter has tons of other applications, such as organic gardening, camping, RVs, filling up fish ponds, fish tank, bird baths, pet water dish, watering the lawn, washing cars, boats, motorcycles. The filter is small and portable so you needn’t worry about lugging around a huge piece of equipment just to have clean water

ALL-PURPOSE FILTER: Whether you’re using our water filtration filter as part of a gardening hose, an addition to a koi pond tank, or under your kitchen sink, our top-rated, all-purpose filter is guaranteed to give you some of the clearest water ever! Use it for sinks that often spit out highly contaminated and mineralized drinking water that can look milky when dispensed.

CLEAN AND DECONTAMINATED: Our EcoOne All Purpose Filter System leaves your water free of sediment and other harmful contaminants. This filter is the perfect addition to your options of water management supplies and accessories. The EcoOne Hose Filter works with soft or hard water and city or well water. It easily connects to any garden hose and will purify up to 40,000 gallons of water.

SIMPLE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Mount our filtration tool easily to hoses, under sinks, or other attachments for clear and pure water. We have been able to raise the GPM from 2 to 3 or 4 (depending on your water)! Our EcoOne Hose Filter also solves most pool and spa start-up issues without the use of harsh chemicals by removing or reducing most common water issues and help balance the water before they get into your pool or spa.

GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Our filters work well in a camper, trailer, rv, and other similar applications that are used during camping. The filter is small and portable so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a huge piece of equipment just to have clean water. Whether you boil the water to cook with or you’re reducing the contaminants out of your drinking water, our EcoOne Water FIlter is a perfect complement

REMOVES MOST SEDIMENT: Our long-lasting EcoOne Hose Filter is a proprietary, dual chamber, charcoal and KDF media based purification filter that removes both VOCs and 90% of chlorine and 98% of ionic metal contaminants from water, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, lead, iron, copper, chromium VI, Chromium III, selenium, and more!