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Caribbean Spa Alkalinity Increaser - 16 oz.

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Enhance your comfort with Caribbean Spa Alkalinity Increaser for Hot Tubs. Raise the total alkalinity in your water to help reduce the pH bounce that can happen in spa water. Reduce skin and eye irritation. Proper balancing of spa water prolongs the equipment and plumbing of any hot tub. Test your water weekly to balance the pH, alkalinity, sanitizer, and calcium levels.

All Caribbean Spa swimming pool and spa chemicals are safe and healthy for all family members making your water good all around!

  • Increases Total Alkalinity
  • Fine fast-dissolving powder
  • Eliminate pH bounce
  • For use with ALL chemical brands and hot tubs
  • Alkalinity balance prevents skin and eye irritation
  • Water balance extends the lifetime of plumbing and equipment
  • Suited for in-ground and above-ground hot tubs