Canyon Spruce 9' Pre-Lit Permanent Christmas Tree (1,400 Staylit CL)

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This 9' Canyon Spruce Permanent Christmas Tree is a full body tree featuring a generous number of branch tips for holding holiday trimmings. This luxurious Christmas tree is a beautiful low-maintenance alternative to a live tree. It is pre-strung with 1,400 clear white lights that stay lit even if the bulb is loose, burnt out, broken or missing. Comes with a sturdy metal tree stand with legs fold flat for storage.

Height: 9'
Diameter: 70"
Tip Count: 4,103
Light Count: 1,550
Light Type: Staylit Multi or Clear

Due to COVID-19, we will NOT accept returns on Christmas items this year. 
All Christmas merchandise sales are final.

Why StayLit?

Staylit worry-free lights are engineered to stay lit even if one or more bulbs are loose, twisted, or broken. In a standard light set, if a bulb becomes loose, twisted, or broken, all the bulbs within its circuit will go out. Staylit lighting uses patented technology to regulate voltage by inserting a computer chip in every socket. This chip regulates the flow of electricity to each bulb and completes the circuit even when bulbs are loose, twisted, or broken.


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