30' Round Super Guard Cover For Aboveground Pools

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Keep your pool in good condition during the cold winter months with a Swimline Super Guard winter cover. This will ensure a quick and easy pool opening in the Spring. This pool cover is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching, which ensures superior tensile strength and durability. It has also been treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays.

When the autumn leaves start to change it's time to think about winterizing with Swim line's Super Guard Solid Winter cover. You can rest assured that come next summer you will be satisfied and your pool will be ready for another season of family fun! The solid cover will keep debris and water out of your pool. Its lightweight makes this cover easy to install. A tightly woven 8 x 8 scrim makes this pool cover very durable for harsh winters. Comes with perimeter grommets, steel cable, and winch.

  • 1 year full/ 8 year prorated warranty
  • HD Polyethylene
  • Features an 8x8 scrim per sq. inch to improve strength
  • Vinyl-covered cable and winch to tighten pool cover around the pool
  • Aluminum grommets to securely hold the cable
  • UV protection agents built into the pool cover material
  • Most affordable aboveground pool cover on the market
  • 3’ larger diameter for adequate overlap
  • Dimensions:30' Round