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Knoxville Patio Furniture Store
Right off Kingston Pike, near Downtown West.
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Aluminum Patio Furniture

The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville is your number one place to find today’s most popular brands of patio furniture for the best price. Easily one of the most popular patio furniture materials, aluminum is portable, durable, and beautiful. Though light enough to move around when the time comes to rearrange your backyard space, aluminum patio furniture is specially crafted to withstand heavy amounts of stress and pressure from the outdoor elements. A powder coating finish along the exterior allows aluminum patio furniture to resist cracking and makes maintenance very simple. You can also feel reassured in your choice of aluminum as aluminum’s melting point is much lower than other metals, making the manufacturing process for these outdoor pieces less energy extensive than others. Versatile with subtle touches of charm, aluminum patio furniture is sure to spruce up any backyard, porch, or balcony.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Our most popular product material, cast aluminum fever is spreading from coast to coast . . . and it’s easy to see why. Heavier than regular aluminum pieces, melted aluminum is poured into molds to create detailed, solid cast aluminum patio furniture frames. Because of the special powder coating finish that is applied to the exterior of the furniture at the end of production, cast aluminum patio furniture is impervious to rust, making it the perfect option for coastal residents living in areas with high humidity. There isn’t just one choice of color, texture, and design. Rather, the powder coating finish also creates variation among the pieces, making room for a wide array of textures and colors that backyard enthusiasts can choose from. Durable structure, classic design, and weather-resistant finish, cast aluminum patio furniture is the ideal addition to make any backyard space trendy and modern.

Extruded Aluminum Patio Furniture

Though many would lump them together, extruded aluminum patio furniture is an entirely different class than cast aluminum pieces. With a tubular design instead of a solid one, extruded aluminum patio furniture frames are made by pushing aluminum through a die, which are then welded and bolted together. These tubular frames feature thick outer walls and hollow inner channels, making the furniture extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver in any outdoor environment. But don’t let its airy frame fool you. Much like the solid structure of cast aluminum pieces, extruded aluminum patio furniture is rust-resistant and able to withstand exposure to varying climate changes throughout the year. Find out how to furnish your outdoor space with extruded aluminum patio furniture by checking out our vast selection at The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville.

Teak Patio Furniture

Lay out by the pool all-natural with a regal teak patio furniture set from The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville. Made from the Tecona Grandis tree found in the tropics, teak patio furniture is sleek, sturdy, and self-sufficient. Unlike other wooden materials whose protective oils die after being cut down, teak maintains its natural oils after being separated from the root, making it weather resistant and easy to upkeep for years on end. Teak is more expensive than most other patio furniture materials, and it’s easy to see why. As the Tecona Grandis tree must be completely mature before it can be cut down to be made into furniture, most teak patio furniture is made from trees 80 years old or older, making it much more valuable and coveted. Because of its natural beauty and built-in protective barrier, teak patio furniture is usually used in homes of the wealthy in Southeast Asia. Create a sense of simplistic royalty to your backyard with natural teak patio furniture for your backyard space from The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville, TN.

Polywood Patio Furniture

Add a pop of color to your backyard with polywood patio furniture. Made from 90 percent processed recycled materials and completely ecofriendly, polywood furniture stands out from other patio furniture sets because of its synthetic yet durable structure. Due to its composition of plastic and high density polyethylene, polywood is naturally weather resistant and impervious to salt water, making the perfect outdoor furniture choice for any home on the coast. Polywood patio furniture combines the appeal of wood with the stability and easy maintenance of plastic. A modern take on typical outdoor furnishings, polywood allows you to spruce up your backyard space with vibrant colors. Go bold with a Knoxville orange chair, or sit back and relax with in breezy blue lounger. The possibilities are endless when you furnish your outdoor space with polywood patio furniture. Check out our wide selection of colors and styles available at our Knoxville location.

Sling Patio Furniture

When it comes to outdoor relaxation, no furniture can compare to the comfort and simplicity of sling patio furniture found at the Knoxville location of The Great Backyard Place. With seats made from body-conforming, quick-drying, vinyl-coated polyester tightly stretched over a chair frame, it’s no wonder sling patio furniture is the number-one choice of poolside furnishing. With the feeling of sitting in a hammock, there is no better way to enjoy a day by the pool than with a sling patio furniture set adorning your backyard. Sling comes in many different patterns, textures, and colors, making it versatile and easy to decorate with. Ready to change up your outdoor space? Simply slide off the vinyl seat and slip on a new one to transform your patio, deck, or poolside into a new and improved backyard area!

Woven Furniture

Looking for a classic set of patio furniture for your outdoor space that will stand the test of time? Then look no further than The Great Backyard Place at Knoxville’s wide selection of woven patio furniture. Lightweight and super easy to manage, woven patio furniture blends in seamlessly with any outdoor setting. Good for moist climates, the seats of this furniture can either be made from synthetic resin wicker, bamboo, reed, or rattan, which is an extremely strong tropical vine. With the added durability of an aluminum frame, woven patio furniture is sure to withstand all outdoor elements from coast to coast. Whether it’s poolside or in the garden, woven patio furniture is sure to add that extra touch of class to your backyard space.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

The tank of outdoor furnishing, wrought iron patio furniture is heavy enough to withstand high gusts of wind without blowing across your lawn. Made by heating metal into a pliable form and then hammering it into shape, wrought iron pieces are craftsman-like with elegant curves and flowing frames. Though practically unbreakable, this kind of patio furniture requires a little more maintenance than other outdoor materials. In order to avoid rust and keep a nice weather resistant coating over the frame, simply refinish the paint when it begins to peel and your outdoor furniture will last through many seasons of changing climates. Pick which style of wrought iron best fits your outdoor space at The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville.