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Knoxville Grills & Outdoor Kitchens
Right off Kingston Pike, near Downtown West.
Phone: (865) 694-4126

Make cooking meals at home and on-the-go more fun with a top quality grill. Find the right gas, electric, charcoal, and portable grills for you at The Great Backyard Place in Knoxville TN.

Gas Grills

An American staple, you can't go wrong with a Gas Grill. It's easy to use and easy to maintain. With numerous add-ons it's cooking versatility knows no bounds. The Great backyard is happy to provide models in both natural gas and propane varieties. Check out our wide selection at the knoxville Great Backyard Place showroom.

Kamado Grills

Kamado grills can claim a legacy going back thousands of years. First documented in China the premise was to use clay domed vessels to create and easily maintain convection heat. While most modern versions are ceramic, the concept is largely the same. Kamado grills are prized for their versatility, easily transforming from grill to smoker at your command.

Infrared Grills

The Firepit pictured above is the Agio Moonlight Firepit. It's one of the top selling Grills at the Great Backyard Place. The beautiful Infrared inlaid into this pit is not only a fantastic conversation piece, it is heat and weather resistant. This ensures your functional work of art will look new for years to come.

Portable Grills

Ever wanted your own grill in a park? How about when you camp? Don't let an amazing outdoor meal be confined to your backyard. The Great Backyard place now carries a line of affordable portable Grills that can be easily moved from deck to the park and everywhere in between.

Outdoor Kitchen Components

Bring all the luxury of a proffesional kitchen into your backyard with outdoor kitchen components. We carry fridges, bins, and sinks to bring all the utility of a modern kitchen to an outdoor setting. We also feature access door to pair with you grills, bringing everyting you need in reach.

Grill Accessories

What good is a grill without a spatula? What about charcoal? How about giving your grilled meat the complex smokey flavors that only wood chips can add? Pick up everything you need to craft the perfect backyard dinner at The Great Backyard Place. From spatulas to charcoal, fridges, and more we carry it all!