Maryville, TN
Visit our nearby Knoxville Store for your backyard living needs!

With over 62 sets of patio furniture in stock, The Great Backyard is the region’s largest buyer of outdoor furnishings. Maryville has a full display of Sofa sets, Room sets, Fire sets, Dining sets in all shapes and sizes. We offer cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, woven, poly, and wood frame products to last decades outside with little maintenance.

Our Maryville store has been the largest retailer of permanent aboveground pools for the past three decades. We stock a variety of different permanent above ground pools, hybrid pools, and inground pool systems and kits.

We are so passionate about swimming, that we created a new line of unparalleled quality, affordable inground pools in hopes of making inground ownership accessible to many more families. We build roughly 40 Poolblue inground pools each year in the Maryville market and guarantee the best value for your money and quality for a lifetime.

We have proudly sold the full range of world class Artesian Spas for over 20 years. In fact, the same family that owns the Great Backyard, owns May Manufacturing which manufactures 100% of the spas we sell. Full range of Island Spas, South Sea Spas, Artesian Platinum Elite, Garden Spas, and the amazing Tidalfit swim spas all made by May’s Artesian brand.

With over 30 firepits in stock, no other location can compare to The Great Backyard when it comes to warming things up on the deck, patio, or porch. Cast top, stone top, tile top, porcelain top, concrete top, steel top, and full on fireplaces all on offer at The Great Backyard in Maryville, TN.

Area’s largest display of premium grills. For those looking to move beyond the disposable grills of mass merchants and get into real great outdoor cooking, The Greatbackyard is your premium grill superstore. We offer infrared grills, convection grills, charcoal grills, smokers, briquettes grills, searing stations, a full range of appliances including rotisserie.

Free expert water testing and advise, and a vast range of supplies and systems to keep your pool clean and clear. Mineral treatment systems, saline systems, chlorine dispensers, biguanides (same as Baquacil), UV and Ozone.

Computerized results and expert service will help you get the right water chemistry for your pool saving you money on chemicals and preventing damage to your pool’s finish and equipment.

The Maryville Great Backyard has 5 kitchens on display and is the region leader in modular, functional kitchen systems for the outdoors. Cast aluminum cabinet systems, stainless steel cabinets, architectural stone kitchens, a massive range of cooking appliances, customization and scalability are available.

Looking for a retreat from the hot summer sun? We have it all. Umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, pergolas, pavilions, porches, gazebos and more.