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Blast It Weed and Grass Killer

Blast It is a powerful weed and grass killer used to prevent Nutgrass from penetrating the vinyl liners of above-ground pools. For application use seven pounds (7 lbs) per 1,000 square feet. As soon as final grading is complete mix Blast It into the top two-inch of the soil then spray with a fine mist of water. Once the pool installation is complete clear an 18-inch perimeter around the pool and treat that area as well. The perimeter should be treated annually.

18' Round:    2 Lbs. 
21' Round:    2.7 Lbs.
24' Round:    3.4 Lbs.
27' Round:    4.3 Lbs.
12' x 18' Oval:    1.6 Lbs.
12' x 24' Oval:    2.2 Lbs.
15' x 27' Oval:    3.0 Lbs.
15' x 30' Oval:    3.4 Lbs.
15' x 32' Oval:    3.6 Lbs.
18' x 33' Oval:    4.4 Lbs.