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Spa Frog In-Line Or Floating Mineral Replacement Cartridge

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Frog Serene Mineral Replacement Cartridges kill unwanted bacteria in two ways, Frog's proprietary mineral blend and a low-level Bromine (Br) release sanitize your hot tub and spa water. This combination reduces the required concentration of Bromine by over 50%. This keeps bromine levels low in your spa without sacrificing any sanitizing power. 

Bromine dissolves much more slowly than chlorine making it easier to regulate and does not require frequent levels testing. Low levels of Bromine make water safe for skin, eyes, and bathing suits without sacrificing sanitizing power. 

For use in the FROG Serene Floating and In-Line Systems. Minerals are set to #6 (wide open) and last 4 months. Mineral cartridges are quick and easy to replace and can be recycled after use.