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Caribbean Spa System Renew for Hot Tubs 16oz.

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Do you keep getting a waterline buildup in your spa? Use Caribbean Spa System Renew to clear the gunk from your jet lines. Gentle on pipes yet strong enough to remove even the oldest gunk from your jet lines. Simply pour the whole bottle into the old water before draining and refilling, let sit overnight, run jets, and drain! Caribbean Spa System Renew can be used with ANY spa chemical system.

To reduce spa line buildup use Caribbean Spa System Renew twice a year to keep your jet lines gunk-free and clean!

  • Removes accumulation from hot tub plumbing
  • Restores hot tub plumbing to 100%
  • Quickly and easily maintain your spas plumbing
  • Made for in-ground and above-ground hot tubs