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What Makes The Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part III) - Great Backyard Place

What Makes The Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part III)

Fiberglass inground pools last for decades. If you're trying to decide which one to put in your backyard, you probably need to scope out what makes the best fiberglass pools last so long.

We've already covered why quality manufacturing and quality installation matter. Now we'll finish up the series with a look at how quality maintenance can keep your fiberglass pool looking new year after year.


We've all spent too long in the water at some point. And then we've seen what too much sun, chlorine, and water can do to our bodies. Sunburn, dry skin, irritation … not fun.

That's your swimming pool. It spends all day under sun, filled with purifying chemicals, soaked in water.

Realistically speaking, sun, chlorine, and water aren't too much for a pool to handle. But it is too much if the pool's not well maintained. And that's the owner's job. It takes very little effort to maintain a fiberglass pool. But if the owner lets it go, the protective finish of any pool will suffer the consequences.

Most pool owners have a learning curve after their pool is installed and ready to go. It takes a minute to figure out the correct balance of chemicals and a good maintenance schedule. That's why it's important to have expert advice as you start your (hopefully) decades-long journey with your very own swimming hole.

Find a dealer or installer who offers ongoing service support. You should be able to call them anytime with questions about how you can take care of your pool for the long term. And the best dealer will have a maintenance package to give you a helping hand and save you money over the life of the pool.

The easier fiberglass pool maintenance is, the more likely it is that the average owner will do it consistently and correctly.


To get lifetime-lengthening quality fiberglass pool maintenance, ask specific questions. Here are a few good ones to give you a start:

  •  Do you offer an easy maintenance program?
  • Do you have a water tester on staff who can teach me how to service my pool?
  • Do you have a dedicated service coordinator who can coach me through repairs or send a tech to my home?

Iyour fiberglass pool is manufactured, installed, and maintained the right way it'll last longer than you own your home – even if you retire in it.

So that's how quality maintenance can keep the best fiberglass pools in sparkling condition. Now, with that info in hand, you're ready to make the perfect choice for your back yard! We'd love to help – come on in, the water's fine.

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