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What Makes The Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part I) - Great Backyard Place

What Makes The Best Fiberglass Pools Last So Long? (Part I)

Fiberglass inground pools are some of the longest-lasting out there. With care, you can expect your fiberglass pool to last decades. At some point, as you consider which pool to invest in, you'll need to know what makes the best fiberglass pools last so long.

What factors should you consider?


  •  Quality Manufacturing
  • Quality Installation
  • Quality Maintenance

In this article, we'll explore the first factor: manufacturing. Let's dive in to what makes a good fiberglass pool perform year after year – and what manufacturing quality means.


All fiberglass pools are not the same. You're not really comparing apples to apples, though they look very similar on the surface.

When a fiberglass pool shell is made, its layers are laid together kind of like a sandwich. Each layer serves to strengthen the whole.

First, a layer of Corian or gelcoat is sprayed onto the mold, and gauged for thickness at specific points all around the pool. Quality control is important here. An even finish strengthens the pool's resistance to chemicals and wear.

Next, a layer of vinyl ester is sprayed on top of the finish, deepening and unifying the first layer. It's the fiberglass pool's line of defense between corrosive chemicals and the fiberglass body. This layer is also quality-checked for thickness and even application.

Now, it's time to add the fiberglass. It's added in several layers, with a layer of sandwich core in between for strength and rigidity. These layers are then "rolled out" – small rollers are used to compress the layers and push out all air that may be trapped between. This ensures consistency.

Not all fiberglass is the same. Some manufacturers "get by" with lower-quality fiberglass and make adequate pools. The best fiberglass pools last as long as they do because they're made from the highest quality materials.

The biggest differences between most fiberglass pool manufacturers are material quality, material sequence and thickness, production process, the skill of the pool production crew, and (perhaps most importantly) the condition of the pool mold itself. Excellent mold, great quality pool.


To make sure that you're getting a great quality fiberglass pool, you can ask a few simple questions. In no particular order, here they are:

Is the fiberglass pool shell manufactured without cracking or delaminating?

  • How do you prepare the mold before you start making the pool shell?
  • Is each step of the process done by a worker who is specifically trained in that step?
  • How many quality checks do you perform during the process?
  • Where do you get the fiberglass used to make your pools?
  • What makes it high quality fiberglass?

Iyour fiberglass pool is manufactured, installed, and maintained the right way it'll last longer than you own your home – even if you retire in it.

Now that we've seen how Quality Manufacturing makes the best fiberglass pools last so long, it's time to move on to the second factor: Quality Installation. Come with us!

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