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The 4 Best Ways To Get In & Out Of Your Swimming Pool - Great Backyard Place

The 4 Best Ways To Get In & Out Of Your Swimming Pool

What's the one thing between you and a relaxing swim? That's right – the side of the pool. It's too tall for you to just step in. And you're not just going to flop over the side. You may have a deck around your pool, in which case you can just jump in. But getting out is another story. You need a pool entry system. To keep your ribs (and your pride) intact, let's take a look at...


As the name suggests, this pool ladder folds open with rungs on each side. It's the most basic above-ground pool entry system.


  • Easily removable for storage and safety
  • Lightweight – can be lifted by almost anyone


  • Can take greater agility to use
  • Has lower weight capacity


This is an upgraded version of the A-frame ladder. The steps make for an easier walk down into the water, and you're still using a ladder on the outside. They are more stable than an A-frame, and you'll need to add weight to the steps to prevent them from floating. Many people have used sandbags or concrete blocks.

But here's a better idea: use a longish 3" PVC pipe and two 3" end caps. Cap one end, fill the pipe with concrete or sand, cap the other end, and seal around the caps. After the sealant dries, you've got a weight that's much easier to clean and will stay algae-free longer than concrete blocks or sandbags will.


  • More comfortable to walk into the water
  • Steps are stable and easy to climb
  • Offers smaller swimmers a place to sit/stand in the water


  • Need to be weighed down
  • An outside ladder takes greater agility
  • Ladder side has a lower weight capacity


This pool entry system is for anyone who's built a deck around their pool. It's basic, streamlined, and doesn't get in the way. Its utility is in simplicity. Just bolt it onto your deck and you're ready to climb in for a swim.


  • Stable when bolted onto a deck
  • Stays out of the way of swimmers


  • Takes strength and agility to climb out of the pool
  • Has lower weight capacity


You've got a deck around your pool. And you want a pool entry system that looks classy, takes the weight, and is very stable.

Look no further. Bolt the steps onto your deck, weigh them down, and you're in business. This is the top of the line – and the difference is obvious.


  • Greatest weight capacity of all
  • Provides a place for small swimmers to sit and stand
  • Look great in place


  • Need to be weighed down
  • Take up more space than a ladder

You're all set to choose one of the 4 best ways to get in and out of your pool. With summer right around the corner, now's the time to prep your pool. We wish you a long summer full of fun!

If you have any questions, we'd love to help. Just give us a call or come on into The Great Backyard and we'll get you set upright.

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