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The 3 Best Hot Tub Accessories For Fall - Great Backyard Place

The 3 Best Hot Tub Accessories For Fall

Fall means cool weather, mild days, beautiful scenery – and hot tub relaxation. Since we're already starting to get the hats and scarves out of storage, let's take some time to talk about hot tub accessories for fall.

You're probably already planning to do fall maintenance for your hot tub. It's pretty easy. And you'll be able to enjoy a warm massage in your backyard on perfectly cool evenings.

And now's the time – before cool weather is really here – to get the fall hot tub accessories you're missing. The ones you'll be glad you have later on. These are our favorites …



Don't have one? Get one. If you already have one, now's the time to inspect it. How's it holding up to the elements? Hot tub covers are made to last, but after a few years can show their age. And that means your hot tub is less protected.

If your hot tub cover has sagging parts or weather-beaten, deteriorating vinyl, you need to replace it. The cover does more than anything else to make your hot tub more energy-efficient. It conserves heat by forming a close seal around the edges. That means it takes less time to heat up every time you want to relax. Save time, save money, save stress.


This isn't just for fall, but it's good to do and amps up your enjoyment: change your hot tub filters on a schedule. Do the same if you're using ozone filtration. New filters help you keep the hot tub water clean with energy savings. And you won't have to adjust the chemicals so often.


Doesn't hot chocolate (or a hot toddy) sound nice? Cool evenings and warm drinks go hand in hand. You need a hot tub caddy. It adds luxury and conveniently attaches to the side of your spa. As an added bonus, your towel will be within arm's reach when you're done soaking your cares away.


For all your hot tub needs (year-round), look no further than The Great Backyard. We've got everything you could ever want for a relaxing backyard oasis. Deck out your spa with hot tub accessories for fall – and see what luxury means for you.

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