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Should I Get A Hot Tub Or Swim Spa? - Great Backyard Place

Should I Get A Hot Tub Or Swim Spa?

Hot tub shoppers often ask: "Should I get a hot tub or swim spa? Which is better?" There are clear benefits to both, and a lot of them are personal. This article should help you answer those questions.

First, some definitions. Swim spas are moderately-sized jetted tubs. In them, you can swim against the current created by the jets. You stay in one place as you swim while the water moves around you. Hot tubs have no such current, but the water often swirls and bubbles around sitters as they relax.

You may already have a preference, but you're looking for confirmation of your choice. Which one is best for your home, family, or lifestyle? Is a hot tub or swim spa better? The answer depends on 3 things.


Let's make this clear: there's no wrong choice. You'll likely enjoy either. Swim spas can often be used like regular hot tubs. But you still have to choose.

Think about these 3 things as you consider whether to get a hot tub or swim spa:


Swim spas and hot tubs often carry similar price tags. Many times, people who choose swim spas are looking to avoid paying more for a swimming pool. Or, they want to swim, but don't want to pay to maintain a pool.

Of course, cost always depends on which model spa you choose. More jets often equals greater luxury – and higher price. Small spas cost less than larger ones.

2. USE

If you're thinking about investing in a swim spa, you're probably interested in its health and exercise benefits. Hot tubs are really single-purpose. Relaxation, rest, unwinding after a long day.

Keep in mind your intended use before you spend the money on a spa or hot tub. You'll enjoy it much more if you get the one that most closely matches your lifestyle and needs.

You may choose a swim spa for these reasons:

  • You can actually swim in a swim spa.
    For as long as you want, no turns necessary. You'll be able to give your body the exercise it needs.
  • You can do other exercises in a swim spa: How To Exercise In A Swim Spa In 7 Easy Steps


  • Swim spas provide space for kids to move around.
    Have you ever been in a hot tub with children? They tend to play and step on your feet, don't they. You'll want to turn off the swim current and supervise their play, of course.
  • Swim spas offer impact-free exercise.
    Water aerobics are a big part of the physical rehab process. For those who really need exercise and can't just go for a run, a swim spa may be the answer. Swimming is much less harmful to your joints, unlike most other cardio workouts.

You might choose a hot tub because:

  • Hot tubs offer rest and relaxation.
    The jets in a hot tub massage, relieve, and loosen the tension in your muscles after a long day. Swim spas sometimes offer similar properties, but some seats may not have jets.


Where are you going to put the swim spa? Do you have room on your patio, deck, or in your yard? Are you able to strengthen your deck enough to hold it? Are you going to build your deck around it?

Decide on a location and measure it well before choosing your swim spa – or hot tub, for that matter. Dream away! You can be creative by creating a sunken look, or add potted plants around it for a lush environment.


We have found that many of our customers love the versatility of a swim spa. It's like a hot tub – but with even more benefits. Your choice is up to you! We hope this article is useful for you as you compare your options.

To find the swim spa or hot tub that enhances your lifestyle, come on into The Great Backyard! We'd love to help you choose your perfect spa.

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