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Should I Get A Diving Board? - Great Backyard Place

Should I Get A Diving Board?

When you’re planning an in-ground pool for your home, one question rises to the top. Should I get a diving board?
When I was a kid, it wasn’t a pool if it didn’t have a diving board. It seemed like one of the basic elements of a pool. But these days, more and more people are choosing to skip the diving board. Why is that?
There are quite a few reasons. Let's look at the top 3 reasons against getting a diving board.

1) Takes Up A Lot of Space

… and not just poolside space. A diving board seems like a great idea, but most people spend over 80% of their time in the shallow end of the pool. For adults, that number is even higher.
If you spend most of your time in the shallow section of the pool, then it makes sense for it to take up more of the space.
However, with a diving board:
The shallow end is 1/3 of the space
1/3 is taken up by the diving well
The final 1/3 is a hard slope
Even with a large pool, you won't give more than 10-13’ to the shallow end. The deep end can be a space-stealer.

2) Increases Risk

Many insurance companies just want your pool to be fenced and private. But some will account for a diving board when deciding your rate. So it’s something to consider.

Safety is an obvious concern. Diving boards have caused accidents in the past. And regardless of how dangerous they actually are, avoiding them can give pool owners peace of mind.

3) Not Always As Fun As Advertised

Because of liability, diving boards aren’t very springy. The boards that many makers offer now are stiffer than they used to be – in order to increase the perception of safety.

Also, most of the games that kids play are in the shallow end.
Even if your kids say they want a diving board, they may be just as happy with a larger play area.

It All Comes Down to Taste

There are reasons to do – and not do – just about anything. But in the end, you should get what you want, regardless of anyone else's opinion. If you want a diving board, have fun! Your splashes will definitely be amazing. Remember, this is your yard. And we want to help you turn it into the home vacation spot of your dreams. Call our pool construction experts at The Great Backyard today. Let’s put your ideas into action!

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