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Should I Buy An Above-Ground Pool Or An In-Ground Pool? - Great Backyard Place

Should I Buy An Above-Ground Pool Or An In-Ground Pool?

Almost everyone who's thought about installing a pool has asked the same question.

We hope this article makes the best choice clear. No two of us are in the same situation, so what we'll do is give you the facts. And you'll know which is best for you.

So, how do the two pool types stack up against each other? Let's look at the different factors in play.


The most impactful difference between the two pool types is price. An in-ground pool can cost anywhere from 30-70K, while an above-ground pool costs much less. For most people, this is one of the main considerations. But there are many other factors that offer good reasons for each type of pool.

Let’s look at how the rest of the factors play out.


An in-ground pool is much more than a pool. The main reason you’re purchasing a pool in the first place is for recreation and relaxation with your friends and family. But with an in-ground pool, you’re going beyond simple fun. You're building an addition onto your home. When your pool is designed tastefully and maintained, it can make your entire property look more beautiful.

Because of an in-ground pool's benefits and material quality, it does cost more. And for some people, that cost is out of reach.

For those folks, an above-ground pool offers many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. And it can give your family the fun that they deserve this summer.


Most people are surprised to learn that an above-ground pool can be just as large as an in-ground pool. Its only limitation is that it is usually one even depth. An in-ground pool typically will have both shallow and deep areas.


Most people will tell you that maintenance for above-ground and in-ground pools is basically the same. This is mostly true. However, unless you install decking around an above-ground pool (which many people choose to do) then it can be difficult to vacuum and do routine cleaning. On the other hand, since an in-ground pool is at ground level, the effects of poor maintenance can actually be greater.

The moral of the story is this: if you plan to keep your pool clean (and who doesn't), then it doesn't matter much which kind you get.


The average above-ground pool will last up to 15 years. Its lining will have to be replaced 1-2 times in that cycle.

An in-ground pool can last longer. That does depend on what type of pool shell you have. Fiberglass pools should last over 20 years. Vinyl pools will last just as long but the liner will need to be replaced every ten years or so. Concrete pools should be resurfaced every 9-13 years.

The longevity of in-ground pools offset their price. If you resurface or change the lining, in-ground pools can last a very long time – much longer than above-ground pools. However, in-ground pools cost more to update than above-ground pools.


Many people prefer the look of an in-ground pool. Because of that, it can be seen as an addition onto the home. If the cost of an in-ground pool is in your budget, it is something that the whole family will enjoy. And, as a bonus, it can also make your property more beautiful.

An above-ground pool can look good as well, especially with the addition of a tasteful deck. The deck can conceal the pool's structure, and you can even add trellises to the sides for climbing vines and flowers. That, in itself, will add beauty to your yard. And those who like lounging and sunbathing will be able to do so on the deck.

I hope this short primer gives you some tips as you weigh the pros and cons of above-ground and in-ground pools. We at The Great Backyard would love to help! Just give us a shout.

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