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Should I Buy A Hot Tub? 4 Practical Reasons You Should - Great Backyard Place

Should I Buy A Hot Tub? 4 Practical Reasons You Should

If you're asking why you should buy a hot tub, chances are you haven't been in one recently. Hot tubs offer an incredibly relaxing experience. "Should I buy a hot tub?" usually means, "enjoyment is great, but I need some practical reasons."

We already know the typical reasons. Warm water is soothing, the jets feel great, and there's no better place to sit at the end of a long day. But there are more reasons.


Since you asked, we've come up with a list of 4 practical reasons you should buy a hot tub.


Wait, didn't you say practical reasons? In case you were wondering: yes, relaxation is practical. That's why we're mentioning it first.

Consider what high blood pressure does. It adds stress to your arteries, shortening your lifespan the longer you experience it. Therefore, less stress is good. Spend 10 minutes in 102° water, and your blood pressure goes down.

How about your circulation? The more often you spend time in a hot tub, the more likely you are to have better circulation in your extremities. The warm water stimulates blood vessels and capillaries in too-often-chilly hands and feet.

Relax – and live longer. That sounds practical to us.


You'd be surprised how often home buyers prefer listings that include hot tubs. Picture this: a family sits around the computer, browsing listings. One pops up. It looks very similar to other listings. But, it has a hot tub.

"Mom! Let's get that one!" The kids crowd around and start talking about how they'll use the hot tub. They've already bought the home in their minds. Mom and Dad imagine time spent soaking and catching up with each other after the kids are in bed. Hot tub, hot tea, hot … other things.

Even though it won't show up in added value to your home (or in property taxes), a hot tub may entice buyers to choose your home over similar ones.


It's much easier to find peace when you're relaxed. Whether you commune with God or practice another form of meditation, a hot tub provides the perfect environment. When you get out, you'll feel centered and peaceful.


It's hard to find time to be together as a family. Schedules are full, days are long, and interests are varied. But there's one thing you can all share in common: hot tubs feel great. You won't have to convince your kids to put down the video game. Warm, bubbly water will do the convincing for you.

Go on. Laugh together. Relax as a family. Ask good questions. Make silly sounds. Smile at each other. Bond for a while in your hot tub.


Physical, emotional, relational, even financial benefits. All can stem from having a hot tub. We hope these 4 reasons help you consider whether a hot tub is right for you.

And, when you're ready to choose one, we hope you'll come on in to The Great Backyard. We'll be happy to help you find a hot tub of your own in Chattanooga, Asheville, Cleveland, Knoxville, Maryville, or Charlotte.

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