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Premium Swimming Pool Supplies

Premium Swimming Pool Supplies

If you're a swimming pool owner, you've probably Googled "swimming pool supplies" recently. One thing you might know about The Great Backyard is that we sell our very own line or premium pool chemicals. In fact, we have been producing premium pool supplies for over 25 year. That's right, I guess you could say we have decades of experience selling and taking care of our customers swimming pools. 

the pool place

As the leading online authority of swimming pools and swimming pool chemicals, we knew that our customers were seeking reliable, high-quality pool supplies. So, we created our own line. It's call The Pool Place and you can purchase these products right here on The Great Backyard. 

We have the right solution to quickly resolve any of your swimming pool water quality issues. Maybe your pool is green or cloudy, or your alkalinity is too low, or maybe your pool pH is swinging like Tarzan. No matter what your pool water issues are our Pool Place products are your solution. 

Best-selling Swimming Pool Products

  1. The Pool Place pH Plus - If your swimming pool's pH is too low that means
    Pool Place pH Plus
    the  water is too acidic. The ideal swimming pool pH is between 7.2 - 7.4. If your pH dips into the 6 range swimmers may experience skin and eye irritation. It only take a few hours to restore your pools pH with our pH Plus.
  2. The Pool Place Super Clarifier - Our pool clarifying formula will coagulate and floc suspended particles in your swimming pool. This floc can now be removed easily removed from your pool by your water filtering system leaving it crystal clear. 
  3. The Pool Place Quick Cure - Our Quick Cure is an essential part of your
    Pool Place Quick Cure
    healthy pool routine. This natural enzyme and organic polymer formula will digest non-living organic solids from high bather loads. In addition, Quick Cure will completely remove the organic debris of dead algae. This product is safe and non-toxic and is a safe addition to all pool sanitizing systems. 
  4. The Pool Place pH Minus - If you swimming pool's pH is too high, the action of your sanitizer like chlorine will be compromised. In order for your chlorine to work properly, your pool pH must be correct. In addition to the loss of sanitizing action, the high water pH can cause equipment corrosion. Swimmers may also experience skin dryness from elevated pH. 
  5. The Pool Place Phos Away Max - High Phosphate levels in your swimming
    Phos Away Max
    pool will impede the action of your sanitizer. Phos Away Max will bind to the phosphates in your water so that they can be easily removed by your filtration system.  
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