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How To Choose The Right Robotic Pool Cleaner - Great Backyard Place

How To Choose The Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

You want to keep your pool clean this summer. And a robotic pool cleaner will help you spend less time cleaning and more time playing. But you want to choose the right one. You have a ton of options, and each of them has pros and cons. Which robotic cleaner is right for your pool?


Your robotic pool cleaner will run independently of your existing pool equipment and will draw power from your house. It'll pick up debris of all sizes and capture it with a built-in filter.

Here are 5 things to consider:

  •  Price

Are you willing to spend a lot to get a lot? Do you want to save money but get a load of features? Set a budget before shopping, and look for the best robotic pool cleaner within that price range.

  •  Pool Type

Is your pool above-ground or in-ground? Look over the specs for each robotic pool cleaner you're considering. It's easier to get the right one than to return the wrong one.

  •  Pool Size

You'll find that some pool cleaners are meant for smaller pools – and some are built for an Olympic-sized pool. You can quickly narrow your choices down using these criteria.

  •  Pool Liner Material

If your new robotic pool cleaner ruins your pool liner, you'll instantly wish you'd researched more. Make sure your choice is made specifically for the type of surface you want it to clean. Vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, or tile – there's a cleaner for it.

  •  Technology

If you're the type of person who loves new gadgets and can't wait to figure them out, you can get just about any robotic pool cleaner you want. However, simpler is better for many folks. Choose a pool cleaner that suits your affinity. The more settings, the more control you have. But fewer settings get the job done as well.


Whichever robotic pool cleaner you end up with, you can be sure that your pool will stay clean – with less work on your part. If you have any questions, come on in to The Great Backyard Place. We're happy to help!

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