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7 Reasons A Swim Spa Is Just Right For You

7 Reasons A Swim Spa Is Just Right For You

Maybe you're thinking about getting a pool. But a hot tub sounds fun. Well, why not both? With a swim spa, you get massage jets, the freedom of open water swimming, and a space-saving footprint. To help you consider the idea, here are 7 reasons a swim spa is just right for you.


Because they're a single, molded unit, swim spas are easy to install. Whether you choose an above-ground model or decide to put it in-ground, professional installers will get it done much quicker than a typical pool install. Along with quicker installation comes reduced price – for the swim spa unit and for installation.


You want your swim spa inside? Great! Go for it. Put it on your porch, in a sunroom, in your garage. You can even place it in your basement if you want. From 12' through 16' long, our swim spas are longer than they are wide, making them ideal for space-saving placement. And, you'll have more space in your backyard for other outdoor activities. It's like having the best of both worlds.


You could get a large swimming pool and do laps in it. Maybe get a hot tub to go along with it. But the maintenance time and costs would add up. With a swim spa, you've got less water to keep clean, less chemicals to buy, less electricity use, and more time to enjoy it.


When you have joint pain, back injury, arthritis, or any other condition, exercise can do more harm than good. The number one reason people swim or work out in the water is to keep in shape while guarding against injury. Some use the public pool or go to a fitness club. But a swim spa offers you a private, convenient swimming session at your home. Its powerful jets (or propeller) give you a current to swim against, just like open water swimming. And, when you need to rest, just step to the side for a moment.


Big enough to be used as a pool for fun with friends. Small enough to work as a spa. You can lower the temperature for a swim – and raise it to relax with a powerful jet massage. Swim spas can be used as big hot tubs with enough personal space for all. They're perfect for end-of-day leisure.


Swimming is normally a great way to help your body heal. And an optional aquatic training system can add a stationary resistant swim tether and/or rowing bars with resistant cords to your swim spa. You won't get that with a pool. If you're trying to rehab an injury, especially to your knees or back, this might be the ticket. Of course, make sure to run your rehab ideas by your doctor.


If you install a pool, you won't be taking it with you when you move. So if you're considering moving soon, an above-ground swim spa is ideal. It's portable, so you can re-install it wherever you end up. Consider it a safe investment.

For all these reasons and a few more besides, a swim spa could be just right for you. At The Great Backyard, our goal is to help you make your home into your favorite vacation spot. Come check out our selection of swim spas – and start dreaming!

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