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7 Pool Toys That Make Every Pool Time Perfect - Great Backyard Place

7 Pool Toys That Make Every Pool Time Perfect

Ready, set, swim! It's time to stock your pool with all the toys you need for a fun summer. Whether your kids have friends over or the adults just want to be kids again, pool toys are a great way to relax and have fun. Here are 7 pool toys that make every pool time perfect.


In a world without beach balls, life would be less fun. Thank goodness they exist! Throw a beach ball in your pool this summer for a good time. And get ready – someone will probably hit it to you.


Remember when you were a kid? Your first pair of goggles? You'd put them on, hold your breath, and duck into an amazing world. Underwater vision is a revolution everyone should experience.


For when you want to be in the pool, but not all the way in. In your throne-like floating lounge chair, you'll be above the fray. With a cup holder for your cold lemonade.


Kids of all ages can't resist an inflatable water slide. It's like a water park in your own backyard. The main benefit of the inflatable type is that it's easily packed up for storage – unlike a permanent slide.


When you want to tan, you have three options. A lawn chair (hot), a towel on the grass (itchy), or a pool mattress (cool and comfortable). We have a winner. And when you're not tanning, use them to play bumper cars in the pool.


Related to the goggles, dive sticks are another major accomplishment of childhood. All the big kids can dive down to 5' deep. And when you finally can, you feel like a big kid too. Dive sticks give kids a goal to achieve – and achieve it they will.


How could we leave wacky noodles off this list? They're way too much fun. Hit your friends with them, squirt water through them, get a few and sit on them like a swing, turn them into breathing tubes. Do whatever, however you want. This is one toy that exponentially expands creativity.

It's time to get your swimsuit out and have a blast! And why not head on over to The Great Backyard and stock up? We'd love to help you find what you need for the perfect pool time.

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