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5 More Fun Games You Can Play In The Hot Tub - Great Backyard Place

5 More Fun Games You Can Play In The Hot Tub

In our previous article, we brought out some fun hot tub games. But what if you don't want to play games with props? What if you'd rather relax and play mental hot tub games instead? This post is for you.

Here are our favorite 5 mind-based games you can play in the hot tub.


Your mission: think of as many celebrities as you can. But there's a catch. Their name (first or last) must start with a certain letter of the alphabet.

Here's how it works. Player one chooses a letter, whichever they want. They might choose “D” and name “David Lee Roth.” The next player must follow with another "D" celebrity-like "David Letterman."

To mix it up, you can also go through the alphabet, with each player taking the next letter.


This one's simple. Choose a name, then name all the celebrities you can think of who share that name. For instance, “Brad.” (Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Brad Paisley, etc.)


The object of this game is to choose a category, any category. For instance, you might choose "countries." The first person will name a country. Let's say they name “Iceland.”

Now, the next player needs to name a country that starts with the last letter of Iceland. It might be "Denmark" or "Dominican Republic." Pick any category – celebrities, bands, books, vegetables, whatever you want.


This game is all about questions. You'll carry on a conversation – without making a statement. If you don't use a question, you're out. Sound easy? It's not.

Want to make it even harder? Do this:

Player 1 asks a question. Player 2 answers … while asking player 3 a question. Here's how it might work.

  • Player 1 to player 2: “How are you?”
  •  Player 2 to player 3: “Are you feeling as good as I am?
  •  Player 3 to player 1: “I’ve been better, have you?”

Repeat until one of the players forgets and everyone gets a good laugh out of it.


It doesn't get much simpler than this hot tub game. And, in this case, simple means "fun."

Your goal is to keep from laughing – while repeating the words “ha-ha,” “hee-hee,” and “ho-ho.” Player 1 will say, “ha-ha.” The next player will say “hee-hee,” and the next follows with “ho-ho.” Keep going around the hot tub until one of the players (or all of them) laughs.


These hot tub games will easily help you make memories with friends and family. And, when you're done playing, hit the jets and lie back!

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