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5 Fun Games You Can Play In The Hot Tub - Great Backyard Place

5 Fun Games You Can Play In The Hot Tub

Picture the perfect relaxing evening. If you're like most, your leisurely night includes a hot tub. But sometimes, especially when you have friends over, you might want some hot tub games. We've come up with 5 fun (family-friendly) games you can play in the hot tub.


With up to 5 ping pong balls in the hot tub, try to avoid being touched by one of them. Sound easy? It may prove to be a fun challenge!

Each player can move around to stay away from the balls – but keep your feet on the bottom! Once a ball touches a player, he or she must get out of the hot tub. And there's a twist: every time a player is out, another ball gets thrown in.

  1. Cold Shower

Fill a balloon with ice water. Make it as full as possible without breaking it. All the lucky players – and one unlucky one – sit around the edges of the hot tub.

Pass the balloon around, holding it above your heads for a slow 5-count. At some point, it'll pop, giving the holder a cold shower. Laughs (and shivers!) all around.

  1. Slap Shot

Make two teams. For this game, you'll need a ping pong ball or any other floating plastic ball. Each team's goal is to make the ball touch your opponent's side of the hot tub. Anything goes! You can blow on it, splash it, push it with waves … as long as you don't touch it.

Each time a team makes the ball touch the wall, they get a point. Feel free to make up your own scoring system – like added points for time the ball spends on the other team's side of the pool.

And, since no game is any fun without risk, the winners get to decide on a fate for the losers. Maybe a pitcher of cold water over the head? It's your call!

  1. Sink the Battleship

The name of this game is a bit misleading. Rather than trying to sink the “battleship” – an empty plastic cup – you're trying to keep it afloat.

You'll use two cups for this game. Set one cup in the water in the middle of the hot tub, then use it to take turns pouring water into the empty cup. After every pour, count to 5 while the cup settles. After the 5-count, it's the next player's turn.

The player who sinks the "battleship" is out. If you're hard-core, they also have to get out of the hot tub.

  1. Keep Away

This game works with anything that floats. Rubber ducks, ping pong balls, bath toys, etc. Divide into two teams, and begin the battle!

Your goal is to make your floating object touch a player on the other team – before their object touches on of your players.

You can only move the object in two ways: air (for instance, fan air at the object with your hand) and jets. Making waves, blowing, and touching are not allowed.


This list of games you can play in the hot tub are prop-based. Our next post [link] will give you 5 more games to play without props.

So heat up your hot tub, hop in, and have a blast with these hot tub games!

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