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3 Ways To Upgrade Your Inground Pool This Year

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Inground Pool This Year

Years can be kind to well-maintained inground pools. When treated well, they age gracefully. But what should you do when your pool starts looking a bit dated? Well, you most likely don't need to replace anything that’s not broken. To upgrade your inground pool, you should focus on a small number of areas. Do them right, and you won’t have to upgrade anything else. And you’ll save money! No reason to replace if you can refresh.

In this article, let’s look at 3 efficient ways to upgrade your inground pool this year.


Before upgrading your pool, you should take this chance to decide if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. If your pool’s not in working order, don’t waste money on cosmetic improvements.

Inspect the liner to eliminate tears. Find and seal cracks in the deck. Get a certified pool tech to look over your pump and filtration equipment. You may need to drain the pool to fully inspect its systems.

Now that we’ve taken care of its integrity, let's find some ways to upgrade your inground pool.



All you need to do is turn on a switch. And your evening swims will be much more fun. Not only that, but the lighting can be customized. Like club lighting? Add color. Shoot, you can even hang a disco ball from a line over the pool and aim a spotlight at it. The sky’s the limit with custom pool lighting.

Another option, especially if your pool is already well-lit, is adding landscape lighting to bring the full experience to the deck – with the pool as an attractive focal point.



You can pave your concrete deck with stone. Edge the pool with beautiful tile. Add a dose of fun with a diving board or water slide. Hide the filtration system in a custom-built housing. Upgrade your inground pool – and upgrade your home value. If you do it the right way, any deck upgrade raises your property value.



Who loves spa days? Thought so. And you can have a spa day every day in your own back yard. You might want to install a custom, high-quality inground spa built next to the pool. Or go the less expensive route and buy an above-ground spa. Most models are high quality and can last for decades. No matter which you choose, your yard will be luxurious.

Another water feature to consider is a visually (and audibly) pleasing fountain. Whether it’s installed separately from the pool or pours into it, the sound will enhance your outdoor experience.


We hope you’re full of ideas to upgrade your inground pool this year. Now it’s time to get started! Come on into The Great Backyard Place or ring us up. We’d love to discuss your ideas and figure out how to make your pool a paradise.
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