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3 Ways To Improve Your In-Ground Pool Now - Great Backyard Place

3 Ways To Improve Your In-Ground Pool Now

In-ground pools tend to age gracefully. But what happens when your pool starts showing its years? Even if it starts to look dated, you probably don't have to replace the entire setup. There are things you can do to upgrade or refresh your pool. Things that make it seem like new again – and cost much less than a complete replacement. In this post, we'll discuss 3 ways to improve your in-ground pool now.


Before you decide to improve your pool, you need to figure out if your equipment needs repair, upgrade, or replacement. It needs to work right before you spend any money on cosmetic upgrades.

Check the liner for tears. Look for cracks in the deck. Have a pool technician take a look at your pump and filtration system. Your pool may need to be drained to get an accurate look at the systems.

Now, let's look at those steps to improve your pool.


At the flip of a switch, your pool can be illuminated. Custom light kits fill the water with color (or white) light. Night swimming is a pleasure. And with a bright pool, it's easy, safe, and beautiful. You can also add lighting to the landscaping around your pool – like framing a picture. With the right frame of light, your pool is even more striking.


If you have a concrete deck, consider paving it with stone. Line the top edge of your pool with custom tile. Add a water slide or a diving board. Build housing for your filtration system to conceal it and beautify the yard. Any well-executed deck upgrade adds value to your home.


… like a spa! You can have an in-ground spa installed near the pool to add variety and fun. Or, you can spend much less on an above-ground spa and surround it with custom stonework to help it blend in with the pool area. It'll turn your yard into a luxury experience. You can also install a fountain. Its gentle sounds will make your summer evenings that much more relaxing. And the kids will love swimming under it.

Now that you have some ideas to improve your in-ground pool, it's time to put them in action. Come on in to The Great Backyard or give us a call. We'll be glad to talk about your options to make your dream a reality.

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