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3 Tools You Need To Grill With The Best - Great Backyard Place

3 Tools You Need To Grill With The Best

Kitchen tools fall into two categories: the ones you need, and the ones you think you need. The fact is, you rarely use most of them.

The grill is just an extension of your kitchen. Grilling tools and kitchen tools are in the same boat. You can always add to your grill tools – but you probably don't need to.

So the question is: what tools do you need to grill like a pro? Which super-functional (and simple) tools can you use with everything you cook?

Here's our short list of tools you need to grill with the best.


You'll use tongs to grill everything under the sun. They're perfect for everything but burgers, and give you a level of control that you can't get from any other utensil. Best of all, you won't have to use a meat fork. Anything you can do to keep those precious juices inside the meat – where it belongs – is a win.

Look for a basic stainless-steel, spring-loaded pair of tongs that measures around 12" long.


Why a large spatula? To flip two burgers at a time, that's why. Look for a spatula with a rubber grip to keep your hand safely away from high heat.

A metal spatula is a big tool. But its lightweight lets you finesse it for delicate foods like fish. Use it right side up to flip burgers. Turn it upside down and use it as a lever to peek at your grill marks – and make sure the meat's not sticking to your grill.


You need a heavy-duty brush with metal bristles. Something you can lean into. Why?

Because the cleaner the grill is, the better your grill marks will be. Look for a grill brush with a long handle, so you can clean the grill while it’s still hot – without risking your skin.

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