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3 Reasons Winter Is The Best Time To Enjoy Your Hot Tub - Great Backyard Place

3 Reasons Winter Is The Best Time To Enjoy Your Hot Tub

When the wind turns icy and frost covers the grass, many people pack up their hot tubs for the year. But winter can be the best time to enjoy your hot tub. No need to winterize your spa if you're using it.

A growing number of spa owners take pleasure in a good soak – all year round. Many of these hardy folks will be the first to say that winter's their favorite time of year to bathe in their hot tubs.


What would drive you to get your spa fix in cold weather? There are 3 big reasons that immediately come to mind. We'll call them the winter hot tub ABCs.


During winter and late fall, the air is colder – and you can easily see how hot your spa is. Sure, there are more inviting things to look at than slow-rising steam from warm water. But there aren't very many. It makes you want to get in and stay a while.


It's not all about the pleasure of having a good soak. Winter is the best time to enjoy your hot tub for your health, as well. As much as hot water and relaxation are good for your health in warm months, the cold air brings out the health benefits even more.

Aches, sprains, and muscle tension bother us even more during winter. And when we're cold, we're more likely to pull a muscle. Spending some quality time in your spa helps ease those pains and release tension.


Cold air and hot water: a match made in heaven. During summer, hot water loses some of its appeal. Winter is when we want to be warm. And, while stripping down to a bathing suit doesn't sound like it's warmer, trust us – it feels great once you're in the tub.

But what about the walk back to your house? Brrr.

Actually, after you've been in the spa for a while, your core temperature is raised. Just grab a warm robe to put on after you towel down a bit. Once you're back in the house, you'll still be warm (and comfortable).


So what are you waiting for? Keep that hot tub going this winter. You won't regret it. And you certainly won't miss having to winterize the spa.

For all your spa needs – and to get answers to your questions – come on in to The Great Backyard. Or just give us a call. We'd love to help you out.

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