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3 Reasons Why Saunas Make You Feel Good - Great Backyard Place

3 Reasons Why Saunas Make You Feel Good

Saunas are wonderful. But why saunas make you feel good isn't immediately clear.

So what causes their health benefits? And why should you get a sauna for your own home? In reality, sauna is more than a summer camp event. It can be an extremely healthful activity when done regularly. Here are 3 reasons why saunas make you feel good.



When you sweat, your body gets rid of huge amounts of toxins. So, it would stand to reason that the more you sweat, the more toxins you're shedding. If you've ever been in a sauna, you know how much it's possible to sweat in a short period of time. And each drop is a plus for your overall health.

First responders at ground zero when the Twin Towers collapsed have some of the highest toxicity levels known. The result is all kinds of health problems, and a median of 2.1 days of work missed per month (among other issues). 500 of those workers underwent a 33-day sauna treatment program to detox. After the program? Those workers missed a median of 0.2 days per month. And many of their symptoms were greatly cleared up.


Stress contributes to a host of health problems. Heart disease, stroke, weight gain, and chronic fatigue can all be directly linked to stress. And in our increasingly fast-paced culture, we're subject to pressures that we can't deal with physically. How to cope?

Jump in the sauna. It's like a hot cocoon of peace. Intense heat relaxes muscles, aids circulation, and gives your body good vibes (also known as endorphins). Ever wonder why you felt so good after a sauna? That's why.


Sweating takes energy. A whole lot of it, actually. Because your heart rate is raised in the heat, your metabolism increases. Now, it's not an actual weight-loss plan. You wouldn't want to rely on a sauna to drop those extra pounds. But a person in decent shape can sweat off somewhere around 300 calories in one session. That's 20 minutes, 170 degrees, 500 grams of sweat. Your sauna can be a great tool to help you maintain a healthy weight.

These are just 3 of the many reasons saunas make you feel great. Stay tuned for more! We really want everyone to enjoy the benefits of this activity. Call us sauna evangelists. If you have any questions, please come on in to The Great Backyard – we'd love to help.

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