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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Patio Furniture Last Longer - Great Backyard Place

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Patio Furniture Last Longer

Your backyard can be a beautiful outdoor living room with amazing patio furniture. The table where all your BBQ's are served, the comfortable chairs around your fire pit, the playset that keeps the little ones entertained. And your patio furniture can last for years if properly taken care of. Just follow these simple steps to make your patio furniture last longer:



This step depends on what kind of material your patio furniture is made of.

  • If it's weatherproof metal, don't worry about cleaning too much. Simply wipe it down with soapy water.
  • To make hardwood patio furniture last longer, make sure to use a penetrating oil cleaner. It helps keep moisture out.
  • If you've got wicker, the process is more involved. Spray it down with water and use a soft brush with soap to get the trickier spaces clean. The last thing you want is mold or mildew in there, so put it in the sun to dry afterwards.
  • Remember that cushions and their covers also need some cleaning. Our top tip for making those cushions last longer is to make sure they fully dry before you store them.
  • If you've got cloth furniture, you can clean the canvas by machine washing it on a gentle cycle. Add bleach if you want to brighten the white, but know that it'll cause the cloth to wear out more quickly. The sun can bleach cloth more gently. To avoid shrinking, hang the canvas outside for a few hours.


If you live in an area with mild winters, we suggest using table and chair covers. Water-resistant patio table covers that have UV ray protection help to keep the color strong. These vinyl covers are key to use during off-season weather to make your patio furniture last longer.

Don't forget to protect your grill from the elements as well. Putting your grill under an umbrella is an easy way to cover it against the sun, but rain will find a way in. You're best off using a full grill cover.

When deciding what kind of cover to get, keep in mind that high-quality covers are typically double stitched to last longer. Make sure there is enough air flow under your cover. Without it, mold and mildew might be a problem.


If you want to make your patio furniture last longer, take care to store it indoors during winter. Not much stays clean and new-looking during harsh winters or intense weather.

Keep the vinyl covers on your furniture to protect it against scuffs or unwanted storage moisture. And when you bring it out for summer, it'll still be in mint condition.

If you've got wooden tables and chairs or any kind of mosaics, this tip is definitely for you. Fluctuation in temperature and potential moisture damage cause extra wear and tear. Make your patio furniture last longer by storing it.


If your patio furniture has reached the point of no return, it's time to start fresh. Come on in to The Great Backyard to replenish your outdoor furniture. You deserve a comfortable outdoor space to relax in this autumn!

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